Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Level Review

If you already know about Fitbit, it's possibly for its Fitbit Ultra wi-fi activity tracker, which plots of land how much exercise you get, minute-by-minute and day-by-day. Its latest health-obsessed program works along similar collections. However , the Fitbit Aria tracks your weight and body fat percentage than how much you move about rather.


To consider the Fitbit Aria in-situ, you'd simply guess this can be a normal weighing scale, and also a pretty stylish one in which. It comes in either a black or white finish and its top is a hardy slab of 0. 3in thick a glass, giving it a slick look and feel you do not get with most bathroom weighing machines.
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


The Fitbit Aria's job is to measure excess fat and body fat percentage : preferably daily - and also upload the information to a cloud-based account over your home Wireless internet network. Fitbit says the four batteries shall last up to six months. And it pleasantly lasted the few weeks in our test time without jogging out.
Another claim created for the battery is that it is stamina is helped-out from the dual antennae inside, where some rivals feature the single antenna just. It coped with our flaky home Wi-Fi network signal very well notoriously, never missing out on an upload seemingly.

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The particular Fitbit Aria can perception up to eight different people, making use of historical data to work out who will be whom. In our testing, that worked too, labelling any sort of new people as Visitor parking area.

To use the Aria as the "dumb" scale is to miss out on the point, though, and setup is painless mostly. The chief aim of the initial setup is to purchase the Aria hooked up ease and comfort Wi-Fi, but without any real way of tapping in a WEP key, this is a little more involved than you may assume. It is important to connect the Aria to the PC or smartphone right, from which you can share your home Wi-Fi then.

Easy and good-looking to use, the Fitbit Aria is a painless technique to keep track of your body weight plus fat percentage - in particular useful if you're building muscular rather than just out to lose weight. Overseeing changes is dead uncomplicated too, thanks to the absolutely free smartphone. Widespread integration other fitness apps isn't at this point yet, but if you have the patience it should soon ramp-up.

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