Basis B1 Band Review

Heart rate sensing units are in extremely couple of wristband-style gadgets, which requires you to use an unpleasant chest strap. Looking to alter this is the Basis B1 Band, which includes not just a heart rate monitor, however other sensing units that track your skin temperature level, activity, sleep and sweating.

Basis B1 Band Design

Unlike the more rounded Mio Alpha wristband, which likewise tracks your heart rate, the Basis B1 Band has a rather boxy shape that makes it look a bit more commercial. Our review system was all black, however a variation with a white band is likewise offered. Surrounding the small LCD are 4 silver circles the size of pinheads; these are in fact touch-sensitive buttons made use of to browse the Basis.

Basis B1 Band
All-time low of the Basis B1 Band has 6 metal studs surrounding a small sensing unit; these are made use of to determine your heart skin, rate and sweating temperature level.

On the best side of the watch is another button for browsing menus, and on the left side are 4 metal contacts that let you charge the watch when linked to the consisted of USB battery charger.

The Basis B1 Band watch's plastic band was resilient enough, however had not been as comfy as the soft-touch surface of the Mio Alpha's wristband. Unlike high street gadgets that likewise track sleep, such as the Misfit Shine, the Basis' bigger size makes it more interfering when using it over night. Not remarkably, the Basis' weight of 1.4 ounces is higher than the Fitbit Force (1.15 ounces) and the 0.55-ounce Shine.

There's absolutely nothing offending about the Basis B1 Band design, however it looks rather dull. If you desire a little bit more style, Basis offers numerous straps on its site: a leather band with stainless-steel accents ($49), 2 with a kaleidoscope and an "electrical spring" pattern ($34), and an all-white band ($24).

How to Setup Basis B1 Band

After connecting the battery charger to the Basis B1 Band, we plugged it into our laptop computer to begin the setup procedure. We opened a Web browser to and established an account. You can likewise download the iOS or Android app and pair the watch with your phone by using Bluetooth.

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Watch Interface

The 4 buttons on the face of the B1 watch control all the on-screen menus. The upper left button switches on the backlight; the much lower left button lets you change in between the date and the time; and the 2 ideal buttons let you cycle in between heart rate, calories and steps. Press the button on the best side of the watch to get in Bluetooth pairing mode.

While the Basis watch's LCD isn't really as brilliant as the Mio Alpha, its backlight makes it sunlight-viewable, and we suched as that it immediately turns on when you raise your wrist.

As watch functions go, it's very standard, revealing simply the time and date. At the minimum we want it had an alarm clock, such as the Fitbit Force, which carefully buzzes to wake you.

Basis B1 Band Performance

The Basis B1 Band utilizes exactly what the business calls "Body IQ," that is, the capability to immediately discover the kind of activity where you're engaged, be it strolling, running, cycling or sleeping. Throughout all these activities, the Basis watch monitors your heart rate, skin temperature level and sweating, to obtain a more precise measurement of the quantity of calories you burned than if you were simply tracking motion alone.

After using it for a week approximately, we discovered the watch tracked all our motions, heart rate and other metrics relatively well. While it determines the variety of steps you take, unlike other fitness bands, it does not reveal the range covered in miles or feet. This is one metric we want was consisted of.

The band was as comfy to use as any standard watch, however, as we pointed out previously, is a little too large to continuously put on over night.

Sleep Tracking

Basis B1 Band sleep tracking
We particularly like that the Basis watch tracks sleep immediately; most other fitness bands, such as the Fitbit Force, need you to push a button. Strangely, the mobile app didn't reveal a night's sleep as a constant stretch of light or heavy sleep; instead, it revealed our bedtime as a series of numerous discrete occasions. When we saw the information on the Web app, it showed that night's sleep as a single occasion.

Basis Web App

Basis B1 Band mobile app
Basis' Web app supplies a big quantity of info about your everyday activity. 3 tabs at the top of the page-- My Habits, Insights and Data-- provide 3 various methods of taking a look at your activity.

My Habits reveals the goals you set on your own-- you can set them right here, along with in the mobile app. As you attain each Habit, they fill with points, which you can then make use of to choose a brand-new Habit.

Insights offers summaries of all the activity you did for every day. Listed below the summary, the day's activities are damageded into different occasions. A small tab at the right of each occasion opens the Data tab, and lets you see more certain information about that occasion.

And right here's where Basis truly shines. All the information it gathers-- steps, calories, heart rate, skin temperature level, sweating-- is outlined on a timeline that reveals exactly what activities you were doing at that point in the day.

When it comes to the metrics the Basis watch records, a 2nd chart called Patterns offers a more comprehensive appearance at your trends. You can see over the course of a month what time of each day you're most active. For stats-obsessed fitness enthusiasts, it's a remarkable quantity of info.

Mobile App

Like the watch itself, the Basis app (for Android and iOS) is downplayed. The primary dashboard has a brownish-beige background. The leading third of the screen reveals your profile image, below which are the badges for the objectives you're attempting to achieve.

As you use the Basis watch and collect information, you likewise make "points," which you then can utilize to choose a brand-new objective to attain (referred to as practices), such as strolling after 5 p.m., or enhancing the quantity of sleep you get each night. We such as that you can tailor each objective. For the 5 p.m. walk, you can set the number of steps to take, or the number of hours you sleep.

Just like the Web app, picking the Insights tab reveals more extensive info about all your activities, however the charts aren't as detailed. You can see the variety of steps you took and calories burned, however cannot see, state, your heart rate at an offered minute.

Battery Life

According to the business, the Basis watch ought to last about a week on a charge. We used it for 5 days directly prior to it lost juice. That's okay, considering it's regularly monitoring your heart rate.


By itself, the heart rate monitor developed into the Basis B1 Band puts it above numerous other wristband-style fitness trackers. The wealth of information it supplies more includes to its value.

At $199, the Basis B1 costs the like the Mio Alpha, yet gathers a higher quantity of info. The Basis B1 Band is about $70 more pricey than other wristbands such as the FitBit Force, and does not have some watchlike functions such as an alarm clock, so you'll have to choose whether you will certainly make use of all this additional information. For the measured self, there's no much better choice.

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