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Fixing a Fitbit Zip clip

Fixing a Fitbit Zip clip
The Fitbit Zip is a best pedometer that utilizes Bluetooth to sync your development to the Fitbit website whenever you're in wide range.

Even with typical use, the silicone clip with which it ships ultimately puts on out. This exposes the possibly harmful and uneasy metal end of the clip.

Now the Zip retails for $59.99. Even though it generally streets for $9-12 less, I think there is still considerable earnings in each one.

To me, it's quite disrespectful that the Fitbit individuals desire a tremendous $14.95 for a replacement clip for it.

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If you have actually a harmed Fitbit clip and wish to use it, right here's how you can repair it:

  1. Draw the sheath past the exposed metal end enough to have good area for incredibly glue (cyanoacrylate).
  2. Press the edges to open the space, and put a single drop of incredibly glue in it.
  3. Utilize a small spring clamp or a binder clamp to hold the sheath shut, and a pen or pencil to keep pressure off the repair work till it sets.

This isn't really as appealing as an undamaged clip, however it keeps $15 in your pocket. In my experience, the repair work lasts a few months.